Churchill School Service

We operate several routes to Churchill School from Weston-super-Mare, Worle, Hutton and surrounding areas.

Operational Dates

Our Churchill School service operates in line with the school terms dates. 


Pickup Points

We pick up from various points in and around Weston-super-Mare, routes and timings will be confirmed once we know numbers travelling from each location. Pick up locations are based at standard bus stops. Times may be subject to alteration, subject to numbers travelling.


Pickup Location
07:40 NEW BRISTOL ROAD (Bus stop Moor Lane Car Wash Stop)
07:41 STATION ROAD (Orchard House Bus stop)
07:43 EBDON ROAD (Bus stop Fallowfield Road)
07:45 ST MARKS ROAD (Bus stop opp. St Marks School)
07:49 BECKET ROAD (Bus stop Castle Batch School)
07:51 WANSBOROUGH ROAD (Bus stop Kelston Road)
07:52 WANSBOROUGH ROAD (Bus stop Bentley Road)
07:53 WANSBOROUGH ROAD (Bus stop Priory School)
07:55 WORLE TERMINUS / McDONALDS (Bus stop Terminus B)
07:58 CHURCHLAND WAY (Bus stop Ivy Cottage /Playground)
08:00 SUMMER LANE (Bus stop on Railway Bridge)
07:37 LOCKING ROAD (Bus stop Birchwood Avenue)
07:40 MILTON ROAD (Bus stop Bristol House)
07:41 MILTON ROAD (Bus stop Opp Somerdale Avenue)
07:42 MILTON ROAD (Bus stop Baytree Road)
07:44 LOCKING MOOR ROAD (Bus stop Opp Borough Arms) AM
07:46 HERLUIN WAY (Bus stop The Barrows - Tesco Express)
07:50 THE RUNWAY (Bus stop Dragon Fly Walk/Runway Bus stop)
07:56 LOCKING ELM TREE ROAD (Bus stop Opp South Lawn)
07:58 LOCKING MEADOW DRIVE (Bus stop Manor Stores)
07:33 LOCKING ROAD (Bus stop One-Stop Shop)
07:37 KNIGHTSTONE ROAD(Bus stop SS outside College)
07:38 BOULEVARD (Bus stop F)
07:40 ARUNDELL ROAD (Bus stop Opp Montpelier)
07:42 BRISTOL ROAD LOWER (Bus stop Opp Manor Road)
07:44 BRISTOL ROAD LOWER (Bus stop Opp Snowdon Vale/Forest Dr)
07:46 ASHBURY DRIVE (Bus stop Opp Rendcombe Close)
07:48 MILTON HILL (Worlebury Garage)
07:58 LOCKING PARKLANDS (Locking Parklands main entrance)
07:33 DROVE ROAD (Bus stop Brighton Road/Ambulance Station)
07:35 DEVONSHIRE ROAD (Bus stop Opp Moorland Road)
07:36 DEVONSHIRE ROAD (Bus stop Opp Nithsdale Road)
07:38 DEVONSHIRE ROAD (Bus stop Opp Broadoak School)
07:42 OLD CHURCH ROAD (Bus stop Opp Primary School)
07:47 BROADWAY (Bus Stop Broadway/Brompton Rd)
07:49 BROADWAY (Bus Stop Woodside Avenue)
07:52 HUTTON MAIN ROAD (Bus stop Warren Close)
07:53 HUTTON (Holm Road)
08:00 BANWELL RD LOCKING MOOR RD (Bus stop Elborough Turn)

Late Returns

We offer a later return service, leaving school at 5pm. However we are ONLY able to serve limited drop off points which are listed as follows:

NEW BRISTOL ROAD (Bus stop Moor Lane Car Wash Stop)


Payments can be made by Direct Debit, with 8 monthly instalments, however, a 5% discount is available for paying for the whole year in advance. An additional 5% discount is given for any additional children booking from the same address and on the same booking.

StandardLate Return

Prices are for the whole academic year. If you book mid-way through the year the pro-rata price is £4.99 per day or £5.56 for our late return service.

Waiting List

We are no longer taking bookings for our 2018-19 school service, but you can join our waiting list. We will contact you if any appropriate places become available.

Join our Waiting List