Churchill School Service

We operate several routes to Churchill School from Weston-super-Mare, Worle, Hutton and surrounding areas.

Operational Dates

Our Churchill School service operates in line with the school terms dates. 

Pickup Points

We pick up from various points in and around Weston-super-Mare.

Please note that bookings are made for a specific pick up point only and not per route, we do not guarantee that any pick up point will be on any particular route.


07:32 - MILTON ROAD (Bus stop Bristol House)
07:34 - MILTON ROAD (Bus stop Milton Rise)
07:36 - BAYTREE ROAD (Lady of Lourdes Church)
07:40 - NEW BRISTOL ROAD (Bus stop Moor Lane Car Wash)
07:41 - STATION ROAD (Orchard House Bus stop)
07:43 - EBDON ROAD (Bus stop Fallowfield Road)
07:45 - ST MARKS ROAD (Bus stop opp. St Marks School)
07:47 - BECKET ROAD (Bus stop Becket Drive)
07:49 - BECKET ROAD (Bus stop Castle Batch School)
07:51 - WANSBOROUGH ROAD (Bus stop Kelston Road)
07:52 - WANSBOROUGH ROAD (Bus stop Bentley Road)
07:53 - WANSBOROUGH ROAD (Bus stop Priory School)
07:55 - WORLE TERMINUS / McDONALDS (Bus stop Terminus B)
07:58 - SUMMER LANE (Bus stop on Railway Bridge)
08:00 - CHURCHLAND WAY (Bus stop Ivy Cottage /Playground)
07:35 - KNIGHTSTONE ROAD (Bus stop SS outside College)
07:37 - BOULEVARD (Bus stop F)
07:38 - ARUNDELL ROAD (Bus stop Opp Montpelier)
07:40 - BRISTOL ROAD LOWER (Bus stop Opp Manor Road)
07:42 - BRISTOL ROAD LOWER (Bus stop Opp Snowdon Vale/Forest Dr)
07:44 - ASHBURY DRIVE (Bus stop Opp Rendcombe Close)
07:46 - MILTON HILL (Worlebury Garage)
07:47 - BAYTREE ROAD (Junction Appsley Close Opp Roslyn)
07:50 - LOCKING MOOR ROAD (Bus stop Opp Borough Arms) AM
07:58 - LOCKING PARKLANDS (Russell Road Lay Bye)
08:00 - LOCKING PARKLANDS (Bowden Road, The Green)
07:30 - BROADWAY (Bus Stop Broadway/Beechmount Close)
07:32 - GRANGE ROAD (Bus stop Opp Hospital)
07:34 - OLD CHURCH ROAD (Bus stop Primary School)
07:36 - OLD CHURCH ROAD - (Bus stop Opp. St Aubyns Avenue)
07:38 - DEVONSHIRE ROAD (Bus stop Broadoak School)
07:40 - DEVONSHIRE ROAD (Bus stop Nithsdale Road)
07:42 - DEVONSHIRE ROAD (Bus stop Moorland Road)
07:44 - DROVE ROAD (Bus stop Brighton Road)
07:47 - LOCKING ROAD (Bus stop Stafford Road)
07:48 - LOCKING ROAD (Bus stop Birchwood Avenue)
07:52 - HERLUIN WAY (Bus stop The Barrows - Tesco Express)
08:00 - BANWELL RD LOCKING MOOR RD (Bus stop Elborough Turn)
07:35 - HUTTON (Bus Stop Moor Croft Road)
07:37 - HUTTON (Holm Road)
07:39 - HUTTON (Vereland Road)
07:41 - HUTTON MAIN ROAD (Bus stop Warren Close)
07:44 - BROADWAY (Bus Stop Opp. Woodside Avenue)
07:49 - HAYWOOD VILLAGE - Bus stop The Runway, Glider Avenue
07:52 - LOCKING MOOR ROAD (Bus stop after Helicopter Museum Eastbound) AM
07:56 - LOCKING ELM TREE ROAD (Bus stop Opp South Lawn)
07:58 - LOCKING MEADOW DRIVE (Bus stop Manor Stores)

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Payments can be made by Direct Debit, with 8 monthly instalments, however, a 5% discount is available for paying for the whole year in advance. An additional 5% discount is given for any additional children booking from the same address and on the same booking.


Waiting List

We are no longer taking bookings for our 2021-22 school service, but you can join our waiting list. We will contact you if any appropriate places become available.

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