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Terms and Conditions (Weston College)

1. Application of Terms & Conditions
1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all subsidised Home to College Transport. Making a booking via our online system will be deemed as acceptance of these Terms & Conditions.

2. Applications for Home to College Transport
2.1. All applications for up to four children must be made online and can be completed by the learner or parent/guardian. We cannot accept paper or email applications.
2.2. Once an application has been made online the applicant will receive an acknowledgment.

3. Pricing and Bookings
3.1. Bookings for Home to College Transport are provided based on the information provided in the application process such as (but not limited to) number of seats required, destination, boarding location/s and destination. Whilst we are happy to accommodate alterations whenever possible, changes to any of the above details are subject to availability and any amendment may incur additional charges.
3.2. Bookings for Home to College Transport are made subject to a space being available at the time, unless received before the booking cut-off date.
3.3. The route the student is allocated to and the time of travel will be at the discretion of Weston College. Bookings are made for a specific pick up point and not per route.
3.4. Bookings made after the cut-off date (see 3.6) will be considered but Weston College and Bakers Dolphin reserve the right to delay an offer of transport or refuse an application, until they are satisfied that sufficient seats are available after the allocation of entitled children.
3.5. Where transport is not able to be provided on the part of the company, applicants will be placed on a waiting list. Waiting list priority will be judged by the date and time the application was accepted online regardless of the date of application.
3.6. Bookings are made for an academic term, (subject to the operational dates detailed in the booking application) and not for an annual academic year.
3.7. Bookings are made for named individuals only and cannot be used for occasional travel by friends or relatives.

4. Route and Time Variation
4.1. During the journey, the driver is the sole judge of reasonableness with regard to any change of route.
4.2. The vehicle will depart at the time agreed on the formal timetables which are approved at the start of each academic year. It is not guaranteed that students will join the same bus or route as the previous academic year.
4.3. Home to College Transport timetables are subject to change at any time and this will be communicated to those travelling and/or the parent/guardian by email.
4.4. We reserve the right to remove any stop listed in the application process if there are insufficient passengers boarding. It is the responsibility of the person booking to arrange transport to the next nearest stop.
4.5. Weston College and Bakers Dolphin accept no liability for loss or injury to any student who fails to join the vehicle at the agreed boarding times or if the student chooses to alight at a different stop.

5. Students and Student Code of Conduct
5.1. All students must remain seated with their seatbelts securely fastened whilst the vehicle is in motion.
5.2. Weston College and Bakers Dolphin will not accept liability for any loss or damage incurred by passengers who fail to follow the instructions given by the driver and/or the College.
5.3. In the interests of other passengers, no musical instruments, radios or other audio devices shall be played without the permission of the driver.
5.4. It is strictly forbidden for any student to carry or consume illegal drugs or carry real or replica weapons on the vehicle.
5.5. Smoking is not permitted on any vehicle including the use of substitute products such as electronic cigarettes.
5.6. Students must not distract the driver at any time whilst s/he is driving the vehicle unless there is an emergency. Students must not use emergency exits or doors unless instructed to do so or there is a genuine emergency. Students must not stand in front of the driver or on the stairwell.
5.7. Students must not eat, drink or leave litter, throw items inside or outside of the vehicle or cause disruptive or aggressive behaviour towards another passenger or the driver.
5.8. Students are expected to behave in an orderly manner at all times and specifically must not interfere with the vehicles fitted equipment. Students must only board and alight through recognised entrances and exits or as directed by the driver.
5.9. Students must not distribute anything or offer anything for sale without the expressed permission of the Company.
5.10. Students must travel only in a part of the vehicle that is designed for carrying passengers.
5.11. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle and as such may remove, or prevent from boarding, any passenger whose conduct is in breach of the Public Service Vehicle (Conduct of Drivers, Inspectors, Conductors and Passengers) Regulations 1990. This includes passengers who are abusive to any person or whose behaviour is otherwise considered by the driver to be unacceptable. The parent or guardian will be responsible for the conduct of the student and for any damage caused to the vehicle by the student during the journey. All damage is reported to the College and the police will be contacted.
5.12. CCTV images may be recorded for the purpose of crime prevention and passenger safety.
5.13. Students must carry the Bakers Dolphin app at all times and have it ready to show the driver when boarding the vehicle. We reserve the right to refuse travel if a valid pass is not presented. Students are not permitted to use their pass on any other route, use another student's pass or allow another student to use their pass.
5.14. Students are expected to arrive at the boarding location before the bus is due. Weston College and Bakers Dolphin advises this be at least 5 minutes before. Parents and guardians are reminded that the times detailed on the official timetable are departure times. Students are expected to wait 20 minutes if the bus is late. Contact should then be made with our duty Operations team on 07860 433003, who will be able to give advice and service updates.
5.15. During inclement weather, Weston College and Bakers Dolphin reserve the right not to serve stops which are considered too dangerous during inclement weather.
5.16. Students are expected to queue sensibly when waiting at their stop, stand away from the edge of the road and get on and off the bus in an orderly way to avoid hurting themselves and others. Students who are required to cross the road after disembarking should do so once the bus has driven away so that they can see other vehicles and can be clearly seen by other road users.
5.17. Students must beware of coats, scarves, bags or satchels catching in the vehicle's door(s).
5.18. If the vehicle breaks down or is involved in an accident, students must follow the driver's instructions. Students should stay calm and not leave the area unless given approval by the driver. If a student is unwell or injured during the journey or know someone who is, they should alert the driver when it is safe to do so.
5.19. Weston College and Bakers Dolphin reserve the right to withdraw transport for students who fail to comply with these rules.

6. Passenger Property
6.1. Weston College and Bakers Dolphin will take all reasonable steps to avoid loss or damage to Students' personal property.
6.2. Weston College and Bakers Dolphin accept no liability for loss and/or damage to passengers' property, personal items or luggage left unattended in the vehicle.
6.3. All items of lost property when found are labelled and held at Bakers Dolphin's depot and are subject to the current Public Service Vehicle (Lost Property) Regulations. Low value items (such as hats, gloves etc.) will be kept for one month. Higher value items (such as mobile phones, cameras etc.) will be kept for three months after which all items are destroyed. If requested, items of lost property can be returned to the owner of which the charges are recoverable.
6.4. Lost property found by passengers must be handed to the driver and must not be removed from the vehicle.
6.5. It is the responsibility of the student or parent/guardian to ensure that adequate insurance cover is sought to cover loss or damage to the students' items.

7. Damage and Soiling
7.1. The student or parent/guardian is responsible for any damage or soiling caused to the vehicle by the student during the journey. A minimum charge of £100 will be made if the vehicle is damaged or soiled. If the extent of the damage or soiling is such that the vehicle is out of service for any length of time Weston College and Bakers Dolphin may charge a minimum of £500 per day or part thereof for which the vehicle is out of service.

8. Breakdowns and Delays
8.1. Weston College and Bakers Dolphin will not be liable for loss or inconvenience caused by breakdown, traffic congestion or other delays outside of our control and no compensation will be provided.

9. Cancellation by the student or parent/guardian
9.1. Once transport has begun cancellations must be made using the contact form or App.
9.4. Refunds will not be given.

10. Cancellation by Weston College and Bakers Dolphin
10.1. In the event of any emergency or force majeure or any event over which Weston College and Bakers Dolphin has no control including but not limited to, weather, temporary College closure and road conditions no refund will be provided.

11. Complaints
11.1. In the event of complaints about the service contact should be made in writing to Bakers Dolphin within 14 days.
11.2. Complaints should be made in writing to Bakers Dolphin head office found at www.bakersdolphin.com or by e-mail to: info@bakersdolphin.com.

12 Terms and Conditions of Transport v.1/2023 Weston College
12.1. These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without written notice.